C-PACE financing results in more valuable buildings

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing for commercial and industrial buildings puts energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades within reach for many types of businesses.

With 100% financing for green energy upgrades, C-PACE strengthens the economic and competitive position of building owners by making their buildings more valuable, more efficient, and more productive.

It isn’t always clear how to valuate a building that is undertaking a green energy project. This is why C-PACE relies on an appraiser’s ability to apply specialized skills to assess how green energy upgrades will impact a building’s value and ensure it meets underwriting criteria.

Commercial and industrial, multifamily and non-profit building owners across Connecticut are embracing the C-PACE program, administered by the Connecticut Green Bank – the first green bank in the nation and a leader in working with appraisers to advance the value of green energy to businesses and the communities in which they work. Together, the Connecticut Green Bank and the appraisal community can advance the green energy movement through C-PACE, creating a healthier environment and a healthier economy.

C-PACE Projects

Shagbark Lumber: $68,620 in saved energy costs

A multiplex sports facility scores more than $90,000 in annual energy savings

This house of worship is saving more than $13,000 in energy costs annually