Building Owner

Bushnell Center

David Fay and Lynn Robinson are PACEsetters. Their boiler was old and inefficient. They knew that they would need to address its poor performance and high operating costs. But, as leaders of a nonprofit, David and Lynn found themselves in a financial corner – until they found C-PACE. It offered long term, fixed rate financing that made the latest technology and annual savings possible. Now, thanks to C-PACE, the show can go on in Hartford.  That’s how PACEsetters like David and Lynn are sparking the green energy movement. 

"By taking advantage of the innovations in C-PACE financing, the Bushnell is not only able to make this long-overdue replacement with no up-front expenditure, but we will actually realize a positive cash flow."

- David Fay, Bushnell President and CEO

Energy Upgrade: New hot water heater, three high efficiency boilers and replacement of a single, inefficient steam boiler
Location: 166 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT
Building Size: 34,500 Square Feet
Year Built: 1919
Total Project Cost: $650,000
Utility Incentive:  $266,000 

C-PACE Financing: $384,000
Term: 20 years
Annual C-Pace Assessment: $30,411
Annual Energy Cost Savings: $58,674
Lifetime Energy Cost Savings:  $1,173,479
Annual Energy Savings: 701 MMBTU