Capital Provider

C-PACE financing puts capital to work in the right places

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing helps commercial, industrial, multifamily, and non-profit property owners get affordable, long-term financing for green energy upgrades to their buildings. Connecticut’s C-PACE program, administered by the Connecticut Green Bank, is among the nation’s most successful C-PACE programs and has advanced the business interests of many capital providers and helped grow the green energy market. C-PACE offers capital providers several benefits, and unlocks new investment opportunities.

With C-PACE, building owners enjoy the advantages of energy upgrades right away and pay for them over time through a familiar repayment structure – a voluntary senior benefit assessment on their property tax bill.

This creates a stable, safe platform for repayment that an increasing number of capital providers are recognizing as a reliable investment and a growing opportunity. When capital providers invest in C-PACE projects, they’re supporting the market and community, and growing their own business too.


C-PACE Projects

Shagbark Lumber: $68,620 in saved energy costs

A multiplex sports facility scores more than $90,000 in annual energy savings

This house of worship is saving more than $13,000 in energy costs annually