Mortgage Holder

What is C-PACE?

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an innovative financing solution that makes green energy upgrades accessible and affordable for building owners across Connecticut. C-PACE, administered by Connecticut Green Bank, offers 100% financing for a wide range of energy improvements, so building owners can modernize their buildings, lower their energy costs, and increase their bottom line.

Because a C-PACE assessment is a priority lien with a senior position ahead of a mortgage, mortgage holders must provide consent before a building owner can proceed with financing a project.

The Connecticut Green Bank works with mortgage holders to explain the process and benefits of C-PACE and to secure consent for building owners. Mortgage holders benefit from stronger assets on their balance sheets, have borrowers with improved cashflow, and play a role in supporting the local green energy economy and a healthier community

All types of properties can use it...

Nearly any type of commercial property is eligible. Privately owned, non-residential buildings (such as industrial, office, retail, agricultural, nonprofit, multifamily, etc.) can all benefit from C-PACE. design a custom solution...

Building owners work with a contractor to develop a custom solution to save money and energy. Contractors connect with Connecticut Green Bank and its technical advisors to provide trustworthy savings projections.

...with all kinds of energy upgrades.

Contractors develop projects that reduce energy usage, including: lighting, heating and cooling, insulation, motors, pumps, solar panels and other green energy upgrades.

100% financing...

Long-term, 100% financing is secured through a capital provider. Terms of up to 25 years allow building owners to spread payments out over time, resulting in positive cash flow for comprehensive projects.

...with a simple repayment structure...

C-PACE financing is repaid through an assessment that is placed on a building owner’s property by their municipality, similar to a sewer assessment, that can be transferred if there is a change of ownership.

...saves energy and money.

Energy savings should more than offset assessment payments. With lower energy costs, building owners unlock positive cash flow for their businesses and increase their buildings’ value.