C-PACE creates opportunity for commercial real estate appraisers:

  • Becoming a C-PACE appraiser creates more business opportunities. As the green energy economy surges forward, qualified C-PACE appraisers can serve new clients, position themselves as leaders in their industry, and acquire skills that set them apart from other appraisers.
  • The Connecticut Green Bank is a trusted ally. The Green Bank offers workshops and other forms of education and support to appraisers, mortgage holders, and other stakeholders to help them with the process.
  • C-PACE generates value for properties.  Organizations that take advantage of C-PACE financing add value to their business with a modern, energy-efficient building that’s also more comfortable. Savings through C-PACE improve bottom-line performance, making businesses stronger and more sustainable.
  • C-PACE has unique value for building owners. C-PACE assessments offer building owners up to 100% financing for terms as long as 25 years, and are transferable in the event of a sale. State statutes require C-PACE projects to have a Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR) greater than 1, meaning that projected monetary savings from the improvements must exceed the total investment (including financing costs) over the lifetime of the measures – meaning lower operating costs for the property.
  • C-PACE is part of the green energy movement. Quarterly reports on C-PACE performance show that the program is gaining widespread acceptance and is a key factor in how the state has risen to be a national leader in the green energy movement.