C-PACE Projects

The C-PACE program drives investment and improvement in commercial, industrial, non-profit and multifamily buildings. PACEsetters are the individuals and organizations that use C-PACE to accelerate the impact of green energy on our environment, economy and communities. Being a PACEsetter means leading by example, being a significant part of the green energy economy, and helping to spark the green energy movement. The following building owners are PACEsetters – they’re showing business across Connecticut how C-PACE can save energy and money.

This real estate company is saving more than $200,000 annually in energy costs across a portfolio three properties.

A retailer uses C-PACE to save $68,620 on energy costs each year.

A multiplex sports facility scores more than $90,000 in annual energy savings.

A manufacturer makes the right call: Using C-PACE to save more than $400,000 in energy costs over the life of the financing.

This house of worship is saving more than $13,000 in energy costs annually and getting a more comfortable church.

This performing arts center is saving more than $58,000 per year in energy costs.

Good business decision: A real estate investment firm uses C-PACE to save $240,000 in energy costs annually.