Forstone Capital


Brandon Hall and Brett Wilderman are PACEsetters. Facing overwhelming operating costs and no way to address all of their new building’s energy needs at once, they considered pushing projects to the side for years. But C-PACE let them do everything in one fell swoop. They made comprehensive energy upgrades, improving their investment and increasing their bottom line. Now they’re spreading the word. That’s how PACEsetters like Brandon and Brett are sparking the green energy movement.

“Energy efficiency is always something we strive for, but due to the size and scope of this particular project, it would not have been possible without C-PACE. The end result will be better comfort for our tenants and a much improved physical asset.”

– Brandon Hall

Energy Upgrade: VFDs on pumps and chillers, fan powered VAV boxes, new cooling towers, data center retrofit, new direct digital control for HVAC, new chillers

Location: 855 Main Street, Bridgeport CT

Building Size: 112,000 sq ft

Year Built: 1966

Total Project Cost: Around $2.6 million

Utility Incentive: $469,317

C-PACE Financing: $2.1 million

Term: 20 years

Annual C-Pace Assessment: $175,321

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $263,114

Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $6,156,163

Annual Energy Savings: 6863 MMBTU