InSports Center


Peter Corbett is a PACEsetter. He thought that by going solar and optimizing energy efficiency, InSports might serve as a model for renewable initiatives and conservation. C-PACE helped Peter make it happen quickly with simple financing that bundled multiple upgrades into one package. Detailed upfront analysis gave him confidence that he was making a good investment. Now he’s saving money and leading by example. That’s how PACEsetters like Peter are sparking the green energy movement. 

“I absolutely recommend the C-PACE program. In conjunction with the state ZREC program—it’s a no-brainer. Both programs together really drive the solar initiative in Connecticut. There’s no state like Connecticut right now in the way we are financing renewable energy projects. And that’s really C-PACE.”

– Peter Corbett, CEO & President, InSports Center

Energy Upgrade: 252 kW solar photovoltaic system; energy efficient lighting

Location: 29 Trefoil Drive, Trumbull, CT

Building Size: 100,000 Square Feet

Year Built: 2001

Total Project Cost: $1,012,000

Utility Incentive: Zero-emissions Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) 

C-PACE Financing: $1,012,004

Term: 20 years

Annual C-Pace Assessment: $83,912

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $91,678

Lifetime Energy Cost Savings:  $1,833,569

Annual Energy Savings: 1066MMBtu