Green energy grows your business

Long-term, 100% financing. Many building owners want to make energy upgrades but lack the capital. C-PACE solves for this by providing up to 100% of the capital needed for energy improvements, and can even cover associated soft costs like development fees and energy audits. Owners no longer have to patch up old equipment that is too expensive to replace. Financing of up to 25 years is structured so that the energy savings more than offset the cost of C-PACE financing.

Increased bottom line and a focus on your core business. The bottom-line benefits can be immediate because with C-PACE, building owners should be spending less on energy. C-PACE is structured so that the projected energy savings should exceed the total investment. Even projects with bigger ticket items like solar or new boilers can be immediately cash flow positive. This in turn allows businesses to devote their resources to managing and growing their core business, investing their capital in other areas while still enjoying energy savings.

More comfortable buildings. Energy savings make a compelling financial argument for C-PACE, but creating a better year-round work or living environment improves the quality of the building and quality of life for those in it. C-PACE makes buildings more comfortable for employees, tenants and customers.