Invest with confidence

Predictable savings backed by robust technical analysis. C-PACE projects are developed so that energy savings should exceed the cost of financing. Experts develop credible energy savings projections that make building owners confident that energy savings should be greater than their investment.

Experienced network of vetted and trained contractors. Nearly 130 towns and cities have accepted C-PACE, and a network of contractors who understand C-PACE know how to make it work for you.

Simple payment structure. C-PACE is repaid through a voluntary benefit assessment and collected by a municipality’s tax collector along with  a building owner’s property tax bill (like a sewer assessment). Repaying a C-PACE assessment is simple for property owners.

Obligation is transferable or can be shared with tenants. C-PACE assessments can automatically transfer at the time of a sale. And property owners can share the costs of C-PACE repayment with tenants. No matter what a building owner’s future plans for a property are, they can start using C-PACE right away.

A trusted partner, the Connecticut Green Bank. A quasi-state agency, Connecticut Green Bank seeks to make green energy more accessible and affordable so that businesses can grow and thrive. Staff are standing by to assist building owners in taking control of their building’s energy usage.