C-PACE makes all types of green energy accessible and affordable

All types of properties. Whether your space is used for retail, offices, manufacturing, warehousing and storage, multifamily housing, worship, nonprofit operations, or more, C-PACE can work. Find out more about whether your property is eligible, and see how C-PACE is benefiting property owners like you.

All types of energy upgrades. Solar panels, upgraded lighting, heating and cooling, insulation, motors, windows, and pumps are just a few of the ways C-PACE goes to work. Any measure that lowers energy consumption or produces clean energy is eligible, so building owners can select the ones that will benefit their property the most – by saving them money and increasing the value of their building. Find out more about eligible energy conservation measures.

Stopping deferred maintenance. With C-PACE, deferred maintenance is no longer necessary. Building owners can use energy savings to finance improvements they’ve been putting off for years, such as installing a new boiler or pairing a new roof with a solar PV system. C-PACE puts a more modern, attractive and comfortable building within reach.