Houses of Worship

Faith based organizations often struggle with energy usage and deal with outdated equipment and buildings. C-PACE helps these organizations overcome challenges, such as a lack of access to capital, to address energy needs and modernize their buildings.

With C-PACE financing, faith based organizations can not only demonstrate their leadership in sustainability and environmental stewardship, but they also provide the community with a more comfortable place to meet and worship. Lower, more predictable energy costs mean the organization can focus on its core mission – and the organization can be confident in projected energy savings developed by Connecticut Green Bank’s experts.

C-PACE works for nonprofits

An organization’s tax-exempt status does not mean it can’t access C-PACE. Nonprofits, such as faith based organizations and houses of worship, don’t typically receive a property tax bill, but their municipality can assign a tax identification number in order to collect a C-PACE benefit assessment (like collecting a sewer assessment). This means a nonprofit group can access all the benefits of green energy improvements under the same rules as other applicants.

A house of worship case study: Calvary Temple Christian Center

Bishop John and Co-pastor Jenice Thompson used to dread cold weather and what it meant for Calvary Temple Christian Center. They feared their furnace wouldn’t stay on and they’d be unable to hold ministry. C-PACE was their saving grace. It brought them the latest technology and annual fuel savings without any upfront cost. It gave them peace of mind that their congregation would stay warm. Learn more about their project.