Manufacturing & Industrial

Helping industrial firms make the most of green energy savings

Manufacturing accounts for 10% of the state’s energy use, and that means manufacturers spend a substantial amount of their operating income on energy costs. C-PACE is a great fit for manufacturers, and dozens of them are already taking advantage of it. A big energy load means big opportunities to reduce costs and take control of your energy costs.

Thanks to C-PACE’s innovative financing structure, manufacturers can replace aging equipment, invest in solar or other technologies, and still enjoy positive cash flow. That means you can focus on your core business – lowering costs and driving value to your customers and directing resources where they’re needed most.

Example: Crest Mechanical

Paul Breglio of Crest Mechanical is showing other Connecticut manufacturers how green energy can help businesses thrive. When Paul needed to reduce energy costs at Crest Mechanical Services, he considered solar but was stalled by the cost. Then he discovered the C-PACE program that provided easy access to the financing required to make his project affordable. The rest was a no-brainer. Learn more about his project.