C-PACE for office space

Offices and other commercial real estate buildings can all benefit from C-PACE. It works great for owner-occupied properties, but can also work with leases of all types, with building owners able to share or pass costs on to their tenants.

C-PACE makes modernizing an aging building simple, which makes it more comfortable and enjoyable for employees and tenants to work in. Plus, energy savings mean lower operating costs and increased cash flow. Items such as chillers, pumps, cooling towers, HVAC controls and other measures can all be part of a custom solution that puts building owners back in control.

Case in point: Forstone Capital

Brandon Hall and Brett Wilderman of Forstone Capital were facing overwhelming operating costs and no way to address all of their new building’s energy needs at once. They considered pushing projects to the side for years. But C-PACE let them do everything in one fell swoop. They made comprehensive energy upgrades, improving their investment and increasing their bottom line. Learn more about their project.