Calvary Temple


John and Jenice Thompson are PACEsetters. They used to dread cold weather. They feared their furnace wouldn’t stay on and they’d be unable to hold ministry. C-PACE was their saving grace. It brought them the latest technology and annual fuel savings without any upfront cost. It gave them peace of mind that their congregation would stay warm. Now, they’re telling other houses of worship about C-PACE. That’s how PACEsetters like John and Jenice are sparking the green energy movement. 

“When we told them we have C-PACE on board, you should have heard the congregation. They were singing praises because they knew that something was going to be done. And now that the boiler is replaced, everybody comes in with a smile on their face knowing that this winter, we’re still going to have church.”

– Co-Pastor Jenice Thompson, Calvary Temple Christian Temple

Energy Upgrade: New high efficiency gas boiler and fuel conversion

Location: 319 Barnum Ave., Bridgeport, CT

Building Size: 11,668 sq ft

Year Built: 1870

Total Project Cost: $53,087

Utility Incentive: $3,459

C-PACE Financing: $52,653

Term: 10 years

Annual C-Pace Assessment: $6,610

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $13,678

Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $267,220

Annual Energy Savings: 231 MMBtu