Crest Mechanical Services


Paul Breglio is a PACEsetter. He’s showing other Connecticut manufacturers how green energy can help businesses thrive. When Paul needed to reduce energy costs at Crest Mechanical Services, he considered solar but was stalled by the cost. Then he discovered the C-PACE program that provided easy access to the financing required to make his project affordable. The rest was a no-brainer. That’s how PACEsetters like Paul are sparking the green energy movement. 

“The C-PACE program allowed me to access low-cost and long-term financing to further support our desire to deploy solar energy and stabilize our energy costs over the long-term. The C-PACE program will allow me to re-evaluate all my energy systems in all of my Connecticut properties.”

– Paul Breglio, President, Crest Mechanical Services.

Energy Upgrade: 55 kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system

Location: 41 Walnut Street, Hartford, CT

Building Size: 34,500 sq ft

Year Built: 1925

Total Project Cost: $145,000

Utility Incentive: Zero-emissions Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC)

C-PACE Financing: $145,000

Term: 20 years

Annual C-Pace Assessment: $11,904

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $20,000+

Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $1,215,205

Annual Energy Savings: 65,000 kWh