Shagbark Lumber


Julia Leonardo and Joanna Hunt are PACEsetters. Solar energy was always a goal of theirs, but they worried it might never be affordable. Then they discovered C-PACE. The program made going solar easy, even without a technology or financing background. The process was simple and now, Julia and Joanna are proving that not only is solar affordable, but that businesses with solar come out ahead. That’s how PACEsetters, like Julia and Joanna, are sparking the green energy movement.

“Solar has been an important goal that Shagbark has had for many years. Being in retail and being a relatively small business, we didn’t feel that it would ever be affordable for us. Once the C-PACE program came in, we saw a big opportunity to move towards that goal. So we took it.”

– Joanna Hunt, Owner, Shagbark Lumber

Energy Upgrade: 160 kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic system

Location: 21 Mount Parnassus Road, East Haddam, CT

Building Size: 35,950 sq ft

Year Built: 1996

Total Project Cost: $499,000

Utility Incentive: ZREC (Zero-emissions Renewable Energy Credit)

C-PACE Financing: $485,000

Term: 10 years

Annual C-Pace Assessment: $68,325

Annual Energy Cost Savings: $68,620

Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $1,215,205