C-PACE: Affordable, Long-Term Green Energy Financing for Closing More Deals

C-PACE is an innovative financing program that helps commercial, industrial, non-profit and multi-family property owners get affordable, long-term financing for green energy upgrades to their buildings. With C-PACE, building owners enjoy the advantages of energy upgrades immediately and pay for them over time through a voluntary assessment.

What’s in it for contractors? Quite a lot. C-PACE is a powerful way to build business.

Grow your business with C-PACE

C-PACE is an opportunity to grow business, close more deals, and be a part of the green energy movement – all with the strong support of the Connecticut Green Bank, the first Green Bank in the nation and a partner deeply experienced in working with contractors. The effects of C-PACE have been significant across the country. It has accelerated national acceptance of renewable energy and energy efficiency as powerful competitive advantages for the businesses that utilize C-PACE – and the contractors that offer it.

Here in Connecticut, C-PACE is already an invaluable asset to contractors because it enables them to sell comprehensive energy projects to eligible clients in almost any area of business. And working with the Green Bank, a trusted partner for building owners and contractors, means more business in a growing market.